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I’m a Speech-Language Pathologist

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I’m a Parent

of an individual who could benefit from a speech device

What We Do

AbleNet works with ALL speech-language pathologists (SLPs), regardless of their experience with speech devices, to help individuals who have difficulties speaking use their medical insurance to obtain a QuickTalker Freestyle speech device. All you have to do is write the speech evaluation, and we will handle the rest!

To start the process, we ask you to submit a benefit check. This allows us to determine if the QuickTalker Freestyle is covered benefit by the individual’s medical insurance.

QuickTalker Freestyle Speech Device

QuickTalker Freestyle is an iPad-based speech device that allows your client or student with a speech impairment to communicate with others. Individuals with Autism, physical or cognitive impairments that prevent clear speech, and individuals who are non-verbal have all benefited from using a QuickTalker Freestyle speech device.

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Have questions about using insurance for a QuickTalker Freestyle speech device?

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Once approved by insurance, ALL QuickTalker Freestyle orders ship next business day! Start a benefit check today.