Your child or family member can obtain a speech device with their insurance. It all starts with a quick and easy benefit check. You’ll know eligibility within 1-day.

How does it work?

It all starts with a benefit check where we will check with your insurer(s) to see if a speech device is a covered benefit for your child or family member.

Before you start a benefit check, the speech device user:
  • Will need all insurance cards (front and back)
  • Must be receiving speech services in a clinic and/or school
After we determine a speech device is a covered benefit:
  • You will need to complete a medical release/assignment of benefits (AOB) form
  • Your speech therapist needs to complete a speech evaluation
  • Your physician will need to write a prescription
  • AbleNet will submit the above information to your insurance for approval
  • Once approved, the QuickTalker Freestyle will ship the next business day
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"Using insurance was so easy and the speech device has been amazing. My son is now able to participate in distance learning without getting frustrated."

– Parent, Minnesota

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"I didn’t have to do any of the insurance work, AbleNet did it all for me!"

– Parent, Connecticut

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"AbleNet made the funding process as painless as possible, maintained contact with me throughout the process and even followed up after we received the QuickTalker Freestyle."

– Parent, Pennsylvania

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QuickTalker Freestyle Speech Device

QuickTalker Freestyle is an iPad-based speech device that includes the speech app best suited for the user. With every QuickTalker Freestyle you receive:

  • Dedicated team that does everything except write the speech evaluation.
  • 5-year warranty and support provided by the AbleNet technical support team
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