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We believe in the power of communication to achieve best outcomes.

The QuickTalker Freestyle empowers individuals with communication disorders to connect with their families like never before. The QuickTalker Freestyle opens doors to meaningful conversations and interactions by removing barriers and frustrations associated with communicating. Let the QuickTalker Freestyle be the bridge that brings your family closer together, unlocking the power of communication and fostering genuine connections.

What Research Says About Speech Devices

Research suggests Augmentative and Alternative (AAC) devices, such as the QuickTalker Freestyle speech device, are great supplements to spoken language and enhance communication methods. AAC is a tool that can be utilized as a total communication approach and provides a bridge to help individuals expand their language skills. The earlier AAC is incorporated, the greater the potential for improved outcomes.

AAC Devices Promote Spoken Language: AAC devices do not hinder spoken language development. Instead, AAC devices complement spoken language and expand communication methods1

Introducing AAC Early is Best: Early integration of AAC, regardless of age, enhances language, communication, and cognitive development. Research shows that children with communication challenges do best when introduced to augmentative and alternative communication as early as 12 months2

There Are No Prerequisites for High-Tech AAC Devices: They are suitable for children of all ages and cognitive levels, with customizable setups that adapt as skills progress, they can work for almost all individuals3

Hear from a mom of a QuickTalker Freestyle speech device user on how research led them to their decision to get a QuickTalker Freestyle for their son!

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How does it work?

We work with your speech therapist, doctor, and medical insurance to obtain a QuickTalker Freestyle for your child or family member. To begin the process:


Your child or family member must actively be seeing a speech therapist.


Your speech therapist must agree that a QuickTalker Freestyle is the right communication device for your loved one.


Call (800) 322-0956 Monday – Friday, 8a.m. – 5p.m. to discuss how to get started

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QuickTalker Freestyle Speech Device

QuickTalker Freestyle front and side view.

The QuickTalker Freestyle is a robust and flexible speech device that allows your client or student with a speech impairment to communicate with others.

  • Dedicated team that does everything except write the speech evaluation.
  • 5-year comprehensive warranty supported by the ableCARE product success team

Have questions about using health insurance for a QuickTalker Freestyle speech device?

Click below to schedule a time with an AbleNet consultant.