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We believe in the power of communication to achieve best outcomes.

AbleNet is committed to helping individuals with communication disorders find their voice. Our team of funding specialists relieves the stress and anxiety of funding a speech device through medical insurance, while our ableCARE Product Success team ensures you have the support you need throughout the entire 5-year warranty period of the device. Your child or family member will be set up with the resources and tools they need to reach their maximum potential.

How Does it work?

We work with your speech therapist, doctor, and medical insurance to obtain a QuickTalker Freestyle for your child or family member. To begin the process:

  1. Your child or family member must actively be seeing a speech therapist.
  2. Your speech therapist must agree that a QuickTalker Freestyle is the right communication device for your loved one.
  3. You must call an AbleNet Customer Service Representative Monday – Friday, 8a.m. – 5p.m. CT to discuss next steps.

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QuickTalker Freestyle Speech Device

QuickTalker Freestyle is an iPad-based speech device that includes the speech app best suited for the user. With every QuickTalker Freestyle you receive:
  • Dedicated team that does everything except write the speech evaluation
  • 5- year comprehensive warranty supported by the ableCARE product success team
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Every QuickTalker Freestyle user is supported by our ableCARE program.

ableCARE is on-going support customized for each person’s unique needs. The ableCARE product success team is here to answer questions, provide hardware and device support, and offer warranty or repair services for the life of the device.

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