Your child or family member can obtain a speech device with their insurance. It all starts with a quick and easy benefit check. You’ll know eligibility within 1-day.

How does it work?

It all starts with a benefit check where we will check with your insurer(s) to see if a speech device is a covered benefit for your child or family member.

Before you start a benefit check, the speech device user:
  • Will need all insurance cards (front and back)
  • Must be receiving speech services in a clinic and/or school
After we determine a speech device is a covered benefit:
  • You will need to complete a medical release/assignment of benefits (AOB) form
  • Your speech therapist needs to complete a speech evaluation
  • Your physician will need to write a prescription
  • AbleNet will submit the above information to your insurance for approval
  • Once approved, the QuickTalker Freestyle will ship the next business day
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"Using insurance was so easy and the speech device has been amazing. My son is now able to participate in distance learning without getting frustrated."

– Parent, Minnesota

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"I didn’t have to do any of the insurance work, AbleNet did it all for me!"

– Parent, Connecticut

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"AbleNet made the funding process as painless as possible, maintained contact with me throughout the process and even followed up after we received the QuickTalker Freestyle."

– Parent, Pennsylvania

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QuickTalker Freestyle Speech Device

QuickTalker Freestyle is an iPad-based speech device that includes the speech app best suited for the user. With every QuickTalker Freestyle you receive:
  • Dedicated team that does everything except write the speech evaluation
  • 5- year comprehensive warranty supported by the ableCARE product success team
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Every QuickTalker Freestyle user is supported by our ableCARE program.

ableCARE is on-going support customized for each person's unique needs. The ableCARE product success team is here to answer questions, provide hardware and device support, and offer warranty or repair services for the life of the device.

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Know insurance eligibility for a speech device within 1-day! Start a benefit check today.