Why Work With AbleNet

3,791 SLPs

to date have been empowered by AbleNet to provide voices to their clients and students.

30 Days

is the average time it takes AbleNet to fund a QuickTalker Freestyle speech device and help someone start their communication journey.

AbleNet views communication as a journey, and everyone is capable of participating. From day one, we race to get a flexible and robust QuickTalker Freestyle speech device into the hands of your client or student so they can begin their communication journey. Our process allows you to make decisions quickly based on what you know today and then, if needed, adjust course after a QuickTalker Freestyle is in the hands of the user, without incurring any additional costs.

Our ableCARE Product Success Team is 100% committed to ensuring best outcomes for everyone during the 5-year warranty period. From the minute a QuickTalker Freestyle is delivered, the ableCARE Product Success Team is ready to work with you, your client or student, and anyone supporting them to clear any obstacles preventing forward progress on their communication journey.

Examples of obstacles our ableCARE Product Success Team will assist with include:

  • Allowing the speech-language pathologists to change the speech app for free if another app will better suit the user’s communication journey
  • Changing the size of the QuickTalker Freestyle for free if a larger or smaller size improves the user’s ability to communicate
  • Ensuring the user receives a replacement speech device as quickly as possible if their QuickTalker Freestyle needs repair
  • Providing custom keyguards at no additional charge to you or your insurance
  • Providing guidance on how to use the QuickTalker Freestyle to anyone supporting the user
  • And much more…

We invite you to join us in helping those that could benefit from a QuickTalker Freestyle obtain one with their medical insurance and start their communication journey today.

How to Get Started

Everyone deserves the opportunity to be heard, and AbleNet makes starting the communication journey easy. A quick 20-minute conversation with AbleNet is all it takes, and you’ll be able to help your client or student start their communication journey.

Let Them Be Heard

AbleNet makes starting the communication journey easy. Learn how to get started!