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ableU recruits experts worldwide to provide you with the latest information on best practices and resources you can use. ableU is an ASHA approved continuing education provider. Approved live and recorded professional development sessions are available.

QTF Resources Daily Device Checklist - Resources

Daily Device Checklist

We’ve all been there – you are working with you student or client and their speech device has low battery because it wasn’t charged the night before. We’ve created a daily device checklist that you can print out and give to families to help ensure your student or client’s device is ready to use each day!

QTF Resources Guide to Combatting Speech Device Abandonment - Resources

Guide to Combatting Speech Device Abandonment

The wrong speech app, costly repairs, lack of support – the list goes on and on with reasons AAC devices are abandoned. Follow our guide to combat the most common reasons for device abandonment and help you and your students and clients reach their maximum potential.

QTF Resources Modeling AAC Daily Routine - Resources

Modeling AAC Daily Routine

Successful communication happens when an individual uses their communication device in ALL settings. Providing families with a resource to help them get started with modeling AAC during their daily routines is key.

QTF Resources Talking Points for SLPs - Resources

Talking Points for SLPs

Worrying a child will become too dependent on their speech device and lose motivation to talk is a common misconception among AAC users and their parents or caregivers. We’ve created a helpful resource with talking points to help facilitate the conversation with parents and caregivers and get their approval.

QTF Resources AAC Checklist - Resources

AAC Checklist

The QuickTalker freestyle speech device gives users of no tech, low tech, mid tech, and high tech AAC devices an opportunity to transition to a device that can meet them where they are at right now and grow with them as they advance in their communication journey. Follow our three step checklist below to get your students and clients on their own AAC device, paid for by their medical insurance, in just a matter of days!

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