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A girl using a QuickTalker Freestyle to communicate.
QuickTalker Freestyle front and side view with burst icons on each side.

The QuickTalker Freestyle is a robust and flexible speech device that allows your client or student with a speech impairment to communicate with others.


QuickTalker Freestyle

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QuickTalker Freestyle Mini

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Display size10.2" display8.3" display
Dimensions10.62"L x 7.62"W x 1.13"H8.32"L x 6.0"W x 1.5"H
Choose any speech app available on the App Store
Protective case
Access to all buttons and ports
Detachable carrying handle
Detachable shoulder straps
Keyguards available
Double layer screen protection against scratches and breakage
5-year warranty

Why QuickTalker Freestyle?

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A Warranty Without Limits

Our warranty is simple. If a QuickTalker Freestyle speech device needs a repair during the 5-year warranty period, we fix it. No additional fees. No hidden exceptions. No waiting weeks or months for someone to resolve your issue. No limits on the number of warranty claims.

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After receiving the results of your benefit check, a trial and access to communication can start in as little as 2-days.1

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App and Device Size Flexibility

Choose any speech app from the App Store and device size with the option to change later at no cost. Just contact ableCARE, and they’ll get the process started for you!

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Obtaining a Speech Device is Easy

Easy-to-use tool to assist with writing the speech evaluation.

The tool will help guide you through completing your speech evaluation. No prior experience is needed to be successful, and it will save you time!

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On-demand Support

With every QuickTalker Freestyle you receive 5-years of support from our ableCARE Product Success Team. ableCARE is on-demand support customized for each person’s unique needs.

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Custom Keyguards

ableCARE allows you to request custom keyguards for your QuickTalker Freestyle for free. Contact the ableCARE Product Success team Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm (CST) to start the process.

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ASHA CEUs available.

On-Demand Workshop

Getting Started: Funding a Speech Device with AbleNet

Our goal is to ensure every SLP has the tools and support they need to help an individual obtain a high tech speech device using their medical insurance.

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