Try it. Love it. Keep it.

After receiving the results of your benefit check, a trial and access to communication can start in as little as 2-days. If everyone loves the trial, you keep it while AbleNet works with the insurer to capture a decision as quickly as possible. If it’s not the right device or the insurer doesn’t approve it, we’ll coordinate sending it back.


Submit a Benefit Check

AbleNet starts by checking insurance benefits.


Trial Access

Once benefits are confirmed, access to a trial and communication can start in as little as 2-days.


Keep It

Keep the device and access to communication until the insurer provides a decision.

ableTRIAL: Easiest Trial Program EVER!

  • No scary contracts, rental agreements, or fees for a trial.
  • A trial and access to communication can start in as little as 2-days.
  • Trial any speech app from the App Store.
  • Accidents happen, you’ll never be charged for a damaged or lost/stolen trial device.
  • AbleNet has a dedicated team to support your trial experience.
  • There is no obligation to proceed. We’ll coordinate sending it back if it’s not the right fit.

Available Tools to Help Capture Data the Insurer Requires

  • AbleNet provides access to a clinical session notes tool to collect the data the insurer is looking for.
  • AbleNet provides a speech evaluation tool that guides you in writing your speech evaluation report so that it covers all insurer requirements.

Our team is ready to support you during your QuickTalker Freestyle trial.

ableTRIAL Team

  • Request your link to the clinical session notes tool.
  • Request your link to the speech evaluation tool.
  • Questions about the insurer’s trial requirements.
  • Create trial return FedEx shipping label
  • To schedule a FedEx pickup to return your trial call (800) 463-3339 and say “Schedule a pick up”. Make sure to have your FedEx label available before calling.