How to Get Started

Everyone deserves the opportunity to be heard, and AbleNet makes starting the communication journey easy. A quick 20-minute conversation with AbleNet is all it takes, and you’ll be able to help your client or student start their communication journey.

Your client’s or student’s communication journey moves ahead at an incredible pace. AbleNet’s team of insurance experts guides each journey, clearing roadblocks before they slow anyone down.

Your only action item as the speech-language pathologist is to write the speech evaluation. Our proprietary process and tools allow you to complete your speech evaluation in minutes, and 90% of those that use our process and tools receive insurance approval.

AbleNet manages every other detail of the journey until the QuickTalker Freestyle is in the hands of your client or student. Together, we can allow everyone to be heard.

AbleNet makes starting the communication journey easy. Learn how to get started!