Employee Engagement Guiding Principles

QTF Guiding Principles Employee 01 - Employee Engagement

As an ESOP, all of our employee-owners strive to Satisfy the Customer, Lead by Example, Maximize Productivity, Ensure Team Success, Take Personal Accountability, Demonstrate a Sense of Urgency, and Create and Innovate. We know that employee ownership is a powerful incentive for employee engagement, and we have seen it every day for over two decades!

Here are some ways we support employee engagement:

  • Provide the ability to earn stocks or AbleNet shares through our ESOP program.
  • Every month we hold an All-Employee meeting, so everyone is involved in all the exciting activities even if they aren’t directly involved.
  • We encourage employees to offer AbleNet’s time and attention to non-profit organizations that are meaningful to staff. These include local and national organizations.
  • We have a Donations Steering Committee that recommends different organizations for AbleNet contributions.
  • AbleNet provides team members two days of flexible time off to spend valuable time with family or get involved with their community and organizations that support their individual core beliefs.
  • We do employee training to learn how we can be respectful and responsible to our fellow staff. “When you know better, do better.” By Maya Angelou
  • We’re constantly researching employee benefits to ensure we have one of the best employee benefits packages. Why? Because we’re grateful for every member of our team!

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