Best Outcomes Guiding Principle

AbleNet ensures you and your student, patient, or loved one can achieve the best outcome possible when using an AbleNet solution or service.

Here are some of the great ways AbleNet ensures the best outcomes:

  • The AbleNet customer service, ableCARE Product Success Team, funding operations, and business development teams are easy to contact by phone, email, online chat, iMessage/SMS, FaceTime, and virtual meeting. We’re here to answer questions and help you find the right solution, even if the right solution is not an AbleNet product.
  • AbleNet’s dedicated ableCARE team is committed to proactively connecting with the family and medical professional of each QuickTalker Freestyle user to ensure they know we are here to help them reach the best outcomes.
  • AbleNet’s ableU offers free monthly live webinars and has available hundreds of recorded webinars. Top thought leaders provide insights into best practices and what’s new to help you build your skillset.
  • AbleNet’s commitment to ensuring the best outcome includes offering free QuickTalker Freestyle product trials to ensure our solution meets users’ needs. We make the process simple so getting to your goal with your client or student is even easier.
  • We have refined the AbleNet product portfolio to help you quickly find solutions that are easy to use and proven effective.
  • The SoundingBoard speech app is a free and easy way to get started with augmentative and alternative communication on the iPad.
  • AbleNet’s global network of resellers brings AbleNet solutions to local audiences and provides local support in the local language.
  • All AbleNet products ship for free via UPS across the globe. We know you’ve invested in us, and we’re poised and ready to get it to you cost-effectively and without delay.