Best-in-class Customer Experience Guiding Principle

Here are some of the great ways AbleNet provides the best-in-class customer experience today:

  • The AbleNet customer service, ableCARE Product Success Team, funding operations, and business development teams are easy to contact by phone, email, online chat, iMessage/SMS, FaceTime, and virtual meeting. We’re here to answer questions, help you find the right solution, help you get started using a new product, and more.
  • AbleNet’s funding staff confirms benefit eligibility for our QuickTalker Freestyle speech device within 2-business days – so you can begin the process of securing a QuickTalker Freestyle quickly and easily.
  • AbleNet customer service and ableCARE strive to reply to all email and voicemail inquiries within 4-hours.
  • AbleNet My Way solutions experts help you put together custom kits of assistive technology to meet every classroom’s unique needs in your school or district.
  • AbleNet offers enhanced warranties – 5-years for the QuickTalker Freestyle and 2-years for all our assistive technology solutions.
  • AbleNet invested in website technology to make an easy-to-use portal for product information, ordering and order tracking, warranty processing, and support available 24/7.
  • AbleNet offers opportunities to ask questions and provide feedback via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.
  • AbleNet proactively monitors UPS shipment tracking to ensure delivery without any issues.
  • AbleNet invests in inventory so that 99% of all orders ship within 1-business day.
  • AbleNet offers a 30-day return policy for products that do not meet users’ needs. We issue credits for returns within 24-hours..
  • AbleNet conducts frequent surveys to request feedback on how we’re doing. We review all responses and follow up with the survey respondent to better understand their issue or provide them with a solution to a problem they are experiencing.
  • AbleNet uses a CRM system to capture detailed notes about every customer interaction. We review this data to see if there are ways we can improve our service across the organization.
  • AbleNet uses online meeting booking and virtual meeting technology, so you can quickly schedule time with AbleNet that is convenient for you.