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Key Benefits of the QuickTalker Freestyle iPad-based Speech Device Funding Program

Technology Familiarity
Everyone knows how to use an iPad, making the majority of “tech support” self-service. That means your patient will be up and running more quickly.

Concierge Funding Service
The AbleNet funding team works with insurance providers across the United States to help get speech devices successfully funded. We believe finances shouldn’t stand in the way of successful patient outcomes.

Fast Turnaround
The AbleNet funding team won’t rest until we’ve gathered all of the necessary paperwork and requirements for your patient’s speech device. Unlike other funding programs, we measure our progress in days, not weeks (or months)!

Proven Process
“Honestly, this was such an easy process. I am going to tell all of my colleagues about your funding service. Love your company! Thank you again.” – SLP, New York
We’ve completed hundreds of funding requests for patients just like the ones you’re seeing.

Team Coordination
When you have a patient who cannot speak and could benefit from a speech device, a speech evaluation from a speech-language pathologist (SLP) is required for the insurer to cover the cost of the device. The AbleNet funding team will help connect you to an SLP if you don’t already have one and then coordinate all of the paperwork a patient’s insurance requires.

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