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AbleNet’s Works With ALL Speech-language Pathologists

For SLPs who are new to speech device funding, AbleNet provides you the resources you need to be successful. For SLPs who are experienced with speech device funding, AbleNet can help simplify your process. AbleNet works with all speech-language pathologists to help individuals who have difficulties speaking use their medical insurance to obtain a QuickTalker Freestyle speech device.

QuickTalker Freestyle Speech device

QuickTalker Freestyle is an iPad-based speech device that allows your client or student with a speech impairment to communicate with others. Individuals with Autism, physical or cognitive impairments that prevent clear speech, and individuals who are non-verbal have all benefited from using a QuickTalker Freestyle speech device.

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You write the speech evaluation, AbleNet does the rest

AbleNet’s funding process allows us to get a QuickTalker Freestyle speech device to your client or student faster than any other speech device provider in the industry. AbleNet’s funding team removes stress and workload for the speech-language pathologist by managing all aspects of the insurance process.

• AbleNet conducts a benefit check so you know insurance eligibility within 1-2 business days
• AbleNet Reviews your speech evaluation to ensure it meets insurance requirements
• AbleNet collects the insurance cards, doctor’s prescription, and submits everything to the insurer
• After delivering a QuickTalker Freestyle speech device, the ableCARE Product Success team works with your client’s or student’s family to ensure long-term success with the speech device.

See What Speech-Language Pathologists Are Saying About QuickTalker Freestyle and Using Medical Insurance For It
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